#31. A Lot Can Happen In a Few Weeks

Things that have happened since the middle of October:

  1. We decided to stay in Flagstaff!
  2. I ran the Petrified Forest Marathon and finished – despite blazing sun and intense heat.
  3. We found an apartment in Flagstaff. It’s right next to an amazing trail that leads to Buffalo Park. We can see the San Francisco peaks from our front windows.
  4. I managed to land a job at REI.

I’m going to go into each of these events in more detail in an upcoming post. I keep meaning to write… and then I have to go to work, or we decide to go for a walk, or I fall into the rabbit hole of worrying about a Trump presidency. But I’m going to write about all of it, I swear.

For now, I’ll leave it with this: just as you can’t always predict who you’ll fall in love with, you can’t always predict what place is going to call you home. This feels like home.


3 thoughts on “#31. A Lot Can Happen In a Few Weeks

  1. Heather says:

    Eureka! So I follow you on Instagram usually but was noticing definite “house photos” instead of camper photos (I have a camper so I know a camper kitchen versus a house one) and I was thinking, “Did I miss something major?!?” Glad to know it’s by choice and not because something happened to your RV or a health crisis, etc. Unrelated: I’m trying to move my family toward vegetarian eating and you keep me motivated to do it! Thanks!


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