#28. Make Me Run (For a Good Reason)

Want to make me run… a lot?

Clara Meschter, a member of my extended family, is fighting ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Because insurance coverage is limited, her daughters are currently managing her around-the-clock care on their own. They’re raising money so that she can receive in-home nursing and a new wheelchair.

Trent and I can’t make a huge donation, but I really want to help. So here’s the deal: for every $1 you donate to make a tangible, meaningful difference in the life of this lovely person, I will commit to running 1 mile. That’s right: if you donate $50, I will run 50 miles. Not all at once. I’m not that talented. But I’ll track it, and I’ll get it done. I’ll post the mileage here and share pictures along the way.

Here’s a link to Clara’s donation page. If you donate, send me a message at susannemcdowell@gmail.com or comment here with the amount you donated.


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