#20. Exceptional things

I’ve been feeling under the weather. Down. Wanting to just sleep and stare into space and read. To some extent I have the freedom to do these things, but I also have a nine year old who, you know, needs to receive some sort of an education and a partner who doesn’t want or need to do all the chores alone (and a cat who likes to have girl talk at 3 AM and won’t let me go back to sleep unless I chat with her and act like it’s fun for me). So I’m muddling through.

In spite of me, a few exceptional things have transpired over the last few days:

1. Sam completed Life of Fred: Farming as part of his homeschool math curriculum. Closing the cover on a textbook is a rather arbitrary means of measuring progress, but the fact that he’s done with this book indicates to me that we’re getting somewhere with homeschooling. It’s not always fun for him and it’s sometimes challenging for me to figure out what he needs – but we’re doing it. I’m proud of him for showing up every day to do the work.

2. We applied for our 2016 presidential election absentee ballots. Not so exceptional, you’re thinking? Well, considering that I am one of the least organized people I know and get distracted when dealing with tasks that involve multiple steps (SQUIRREL!), this was a feat. I had to locate the absentee ballot forms online, fill in the information for both myself and Trent, drive to the Kinkos/FedEx place, communicate my need for a computer and printer to the FedEx people (social anxiety makes basic stuff like this seem difficult), download and print the forms, find a location to which the ballots can be mailed so that we can pick them up, fill out the ballot request forms, place them in envelopes, write the clerk’s address on the envelopes, find the stamps, place the stamps on said envelopes, and walk them across the RV park to the mailbox.

Victory. I get chocolate now.

3. I found a recipe for world’s best tempeh marinade, and then I proceeded to make a list, drive to the grocery store, purchase the ingredients, and combine them in the correct proportions. Again, here we have a task involving multiple steps, one of them being a trip to the grocery store, aka Hell. More victory.

Tempeh marinade is not the official name of the recipe. It’s actually honey-miso salad dressing, and you can find it here. I mixed it all up, poured it over diced tempeh, shook the container, stuck it in the fridge for a day, and then baked the tempeh at 375 degrees F for 35 minutes or so. We’re going to be eating a lot of honey miso tempeh, I can tell.

4. I continue to stick to my marathon training plan. Running 20 miles is not easy. Running when your legs are aching, the sun is beating down, and you’ve run out of water is rather painful. Running long in unfamiliar places is challenging. Yet the act of running is one of the most straightforward, focused things I do right now. I’ve been a runner for 18 years and it’s as if I’m falling in love with it all over again.


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