#14. Trail attachment

Since arriving in Albuquerque a little over a week ago, I’ve done most of my running on the Bosque Trail. I’m attached to it now: the aquecias, the desert vegetation, the cool temperatures, the relentless sun, the bikers who insist on barking “On your left!” even when the rest of the path is completely clear.

Today I went back for a 10-miler – a relatively easy task in comparison to the 16-mile long run I completed a week ago.


While I ran, I caught up on the Manic Rambling Spiral podcast (hosted by John Bray and Dooce, aka Heather Armstrong) and worked through some of the issues that I brought up in my last post. I thought about how I have a tendency to take on too much, even though I know I’m not wired to multitask. I thought about our recent attempt at WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and how I would have been a much more effective WWOOFer at the age of 21 than I am at the age of 37, because now at the age of 37 I am far less flexible with my time and opinions. I thought about what to make for dinner (pizza, I decided). I thought about how badly I wanted a vegan, gluten-free donut that tasted like a non-vegan, non-gluten-free donut. I thought about coffee and corn chips.

I also thought about how challenging, tiring, and rewarding our current life path is, and how on a daily basis we push ourselves out of our comfort zones. That in itself is almost a full time job – or at least it is for people who, like me, are super sensitive to their surroundings. I thought about how proud I am of all three of us (and the cat, too, I guess) for doing things we’re not sure we can do  and trying out experiences we’re not sure are right for us.


Between the podcasts and my reverie, the 10 miles flew by. When I got back to the car and looked down at my phone, I realized that I’d run my fastest 10 miler yet, and with negative splits.

So thanks, running, for giving me the time and headspace to think it all through: the important as well as the completely, totally mundane.


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